Since COVID entered our lives, I’ve felt trepidation about our future in the world. There’s been so much negativity, I’ve needed to find my own personal antidote to these negative emotions I’ve been experiencing; I’ve been looking for joy both internally and within my environment. As a result, my paintings have become more figurative, playful and whimsical. They depict an imagined world of odd-shaped creatures and machines that populate a colourful and dynamic landscape.

While my primary aim is that the viewer is left with a positive reaction to my works, I hope also that there remains some small element of ambiguity regarding the characters (and their intent), and the shapes that I place in the paintings. The titles of the work hint at the scene depicted, but my aim is that the viewer completes the story for themselves.

My palette has been shifting from super-saturated to something more subdued, and back again to saturated canvases with flashes of vivid hot colour.

Curriculum vitae


2020 Art2Life (Nicholas Wilton) International Art Exhibition (juried)

2021 Artlovers Australia Prize, finalist

2021 Art to Art Unearthed Prize, finalist


“Song”, Private collection, Mt Eliza, Vic


Private collection, New York, USA

Private collection, California, USA

Private collection, Varazdin, Croatia

Paintings are also held in a number of private and corporate collections across Australia